Dignitas wins US qualifiers, prove universe is uncaring and impartial

Hiding in the brush is not going to help Marlbara here (picture from game 2)

I’ve rooted for specific LoL teams before, but it has never really been painful when they lost. Tonight was the first time I’ve been passionately involved in one side of a LoL match. CDE had won this tournament a few days ago, and then because of some backroom WCG drama, they suddenly had not won and had more games to play. I didn’t really care about CDE a week ago. Today I wanted them to win more than I’ve ever wanted a team to win.

If you watch football you know that feeling of premature celebration. When a touchdown is scored but then it is not really scored because a penalty makes the whole touchdown null and void seconds later. This was a trip to the World Cyber Games in Korea, not a touchdown. How could I not root for Dyrus after this kind of excitement was suddenly snatched from him?

The tough part is I can’t even really paint Dignitas as the enemy. Reginald has seemingly put all hate toward Voyboy/Dignitas aside, so everybody really should be able to let Dignitas off the hook. The truth is there are no scumbags here, merely some selfish people and some people who made some mistakes. We are all occasionally selfish and we all occasionally make mistakes. HotshotGG had a great little remark on State of the League that “it’s unfair, but we’re going to let it go because…” and he trails off without really giving an answer to the thought. We don’t want to let this sort of injustice go but none of us has the power to make it right, nor the ability to make everything right.

And all is not right. CDE lost and Dignitas took the victory in three games. Just a few days ago CDE thought they were going to Korea and now they know they aren’t and that makes me depressed.

But I guess this is something you learn about watching any kind of sport. Sports aren’t always about the team you’re rooting for winning. The guys who deserve to win won’t always win. Your favorite teams will lose. A lot probably. But we watch because sometimes the guys we do like actually do win, and those times are great. Today was not one of those days, but those days do exist.

Stray Notes:

– The first and second games were almost perfect reflections of each other. The champions were nearly a mirror match. CDE took an early tower at bottom lane. CDE took the first dragon while Dignitas got the second two. The major difference is that the baron was not passively given up in the second game and CDE came out of that fight strong and rode the momentum to victory. Looking back at that first game how frustrating it must be for CDE knowing that they might’ve taken that game with one adjustment.

– The second game was paused twice for a couple problems Dignitas players were having. Studies have shown that TV shows are more enjoyable with commercial breaks and the little breaks in the middle of these long games actually helped a lot to put the situation in perspective and push the tension…it feels weird arguing for more commercials.

– HotshotGG: “This is uncharacteristic of CDE.” How is anything that CDE uncharacteristic of them if they’ve played in a total of one tournament?


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