MLG Providence Online Qualifiers

3rd round update –

The four teams going to Providence are CLG, Dignitas, Team SoloMid, and Epik. In other words exactly what everybody thought would happen. The only invited team to be knocked out before the third round was v8, and RFLX who beath them, advanced all the way to go against CLG before losing.

Old updates after the jump.

1st round update

The biggest upset is the knockout of v8 by RFLX Gaming. RFLX is a new team that hasn’t really done much yet, but they do have some good players on their roster. As expected most of the experienced teams took their games 2-0, of course any of those could’ve been close games and no one would know.

Only four teams are going to Providence, so here’s a quick rundown after the jump.

1st semifinal
likely top team: CLG
underdog picks: RFLX?

2nd semifinal
likely top team: Dignitas
underdog picks: Curse, uMB, Leaguecraft Gaming (definitely the hardest bracket here, although Dignitas is really good none of these teams beating them in a best of 3 would surprise me)

3rd semifinal
likely top team: Team SoloMid
underdog picks: Too Tricky (Complexity apparently has a new name)

4th semifinal
likely top team: Epik
underdog picks: Goose, vVv Gaming

Pregame update:

The brackets are here and the matches are starting soon. They may or may not be streamed by players.


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