Teamfights are complicated

Following a teamfight is impossible to the untrained eye, and probably for the trained eye as well. The number of objects a person can hold in their working memory is supposedly three to four. There’s probably fifteen or more skills flying around every team fight. That’s game over for your brain.

For a concrete example, here’s a breakdown of a bunch of things that happen in one team fight, mercifully slowed down to still images for our benefit. This is from the second game from Epik and Goose at the MLG Providence qualifiers last weekend.

Both teams are gathering around a newly spawned dragon in an attempt to take it. Most of Epik Gamer is hiding in these bushes. Dyrus and Nhat Nguyen are near blue buff.

Goose makes their move for dragon however Epik still has a ward giving them sight into the area.

Lemongod is sitting to the north not quite with the team.

Dan Dinh moves in to stop their dragon. Balls and wallstop are stopped by Dyrus’ wall and Dan’s ball. Okay, they were slowed, not stopped, but that wordplay was too good to pass up. The wall also blocks off mandatorycloud from any easy escape.

Lemongod gets a stun off on Westrice to delay him from dashing onto Goose’s carries, but will switch to attacking Kennen in a second.

Dyrus throws a lay waste onto wallstop and Balls and activates defile just as Dan is about to crash into them. Atlanta throws a powered arcanopulse at Dyrus and is about to hit him with two shots of arcane barrage.

wallstop Crescendo hits Dyrus at the tip of the dance party. The last arcane barrage will finish off Dyrus. Balls is still retreating from Dan Dinh.

Meanwhile, Mandatorycloud and lemongod are trying to stick to Salce, who responds by using his ultimate. Nhat Nguyen moves in position to help.

Westrice dashes to wallstop and uses mark of the assassin and a couple auto-attacks to bring him to very low health. Zombie Karthus has no enemies near so he immediately goes into Requiem mode, which will deal the killing blow to Sona. Dan Dinh taunts Atlanta to take him out of the fight for three seconds and activates tremors.

Balls exhausts Westrice but he responds with a twilight shroud. Atlanta is getting pretty low and tries to retreat.

MandatoryCloud and lemongod begin to run away from Nhat and Salce after tanking too much damage from Karthus/Dragon/Kennen.

Dan Dinh powerballs into both Atlanta and Balls. Westrice turns on Atlanta and kills him with a mark and a couple attacks.

Balls tries to escape with a flash downwards and running into tower range but Westrice is prepared to dive.

Westrice gets the kill on Balls but has imminent death chasing him. Epik takes three kills from the encounter and eventually the dragon, while only giving two deaths.

The main factors of the fight seemed to be Dyrus’ wall and Goose’s positioning, which allowed Akali to dive onto Sona, Xerath, and Kog’Maw while Riven and Udyr we’re being zoned away by Kennen and Soraka. Even though Goose got the first kill with a Xerath bombardment, being split allowed Westrice’s Akali to shadow dance all over their corpses.

And that all took place in about twenty-five seconds. Like I said, complicated. My point is Phreak has a hard job.


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