IEM Kiev Online Qualifiers #1

10:00 update –

NESL brackets stopped updating because…? Going with the match history method of finding out who won (so much more work) it looks like v8 and Goose are advancing to the finals qualifiers with TSM and CLG.

6:15 update –

TSM beats CLG securing a high seed in the finals qualifier for themselves. Still playing out the loser’s bracket are RFLX Gaming, unRestricted, A Picture of a Goose, and v8 E-sports. Only two of those teams will qualify for the finals with CLG and TSM having grabbed their spots already.

4:25 update –

Tournaments done on tournament clients: you have one minute to decide your next ban! Go!

Tournaments done through custom games: you have to pick your ban soon! And by soon we mean take as long as you want (aka Riot’s definition of soon).

3:55 update –

Counter Logic Gaming vs. Team SoloMid starting soon

3:30 update –

v8 knocks out Dignitas from the loser’s bracket. Jatt explains his internet problems.

3:00 update –

TSM vs. unRestricted starting soon

2:05 update –

Curse loses to unRestricted. Minor upset. After doublelift finally gets a tournament where Curse is not seeded next to Dignitas they can’t pull through unfortunately.

1:50 update –

CLG vs. RFLX rematch beginning

1:05 update –

Complexity vs. Team SoloMid match beginning

12:45 update –

Jatt has internet problems so Dignitas loses first round apparently (unconfirmed still)? Team OMG is beginning to play their second round against RFLX Gaming though. There’s still a loser’s bracket for Dignitas.

12:35 update –

CLG vs. v8 match being streamed

Streamers update –

These streams may or may not stay up for the entire qualifiers

Absolute Legends (playing Complexity first round):
Phantoml0rd (own3d)
vMan7 (own3d)

SoloMid (playing A Picture of a Goose first round):
Chaox (own3d)
Reginald (own3d)
The Rain Man (own3d)

CLG (bye first round):
Hotshotgg (own3d)
SaintVicious (own3d)
bigfatjiji (own3d)
Chauster (own3d)

Lzuruha Gaming (playing unRestricted first round):
DeJester (own3d)

RFLX Gaming (playing Down East Mercenaries first round):
Lautemorits (twitch)

Pre-game update –

The North American IEM Kiev pre-Qualifiers begin in about 10 minutes. They may or may not be streamed by players.

There will be one pre-qualifier event held today and one on November 26. The top four teams from each pre-qualifier will advance to the finals qualifier and the top three teams there will advance to IEM Kiev.


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