IEM Kiev Pre-qualifier #1 Wrap-up

The brackets have been updated and pre-qualifier #1 is over. Judging from the custom games played by v8/CLG/TSM today it looks like the qualifiers were finished just a little while ago.

The four teams going to the finals qualifiers (in seeding order) are:

1. Team SoloMid
2. v8 e-sports
3. Counter Logic Gaming
4. A Picture of a Goose

v8 beat CLG in the final match of the loser’s bracket. That’s pretty impressive after they had to beat Dignitas to even get to that point (Jatt said on the post-Rampage interview he wasn’t playing with lag at that point and they got beat fairly). However, don’t read too much into it as we don’t know how much CLG cared about seeding and it was only a best of one match.


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