Rampage Final: Dignitas vs. Team SoloMid Report

Game 1:

Bans: Yorick, Singed, Kog’Maw, Skarner
Picks: Udyr, Ezreal, Soraka, Akali, Ryze

Bans: Graves, Zilean, Rammus, Trundle
Picks: Tristana, Cassiopeia, Alistar, Nocturne, Cho’Gath

spoilers after the jump

Dignitas got their lanes pushed into early, taking lots of early tower damage but trading even CS. Dignitas sneaks an early dragon while TSM didn’t have any early sight. They take the second dragon as well after Jatt sneaks up on Reginald and forces his Cassiopeia to back. At around 20 minutes the teams are wandering around Baron. Jatt runs into the enemy jungle and catches Reginald. The rest of TSM tries to back in the bush in top lane but Akali throws a twilight shroud entrance to stop them which leads to 4 kills for Dignitas and the ace. They take baron, dragon, and play out their lead to a win.

Dignitas 1-0

Game 2:

Bans: Akali, Rammus, Udyr, Trundle
Picks: Graves, Maokai, Sona, Karthus, Teemo

Bans: Yorick, Skarner, Singed, Zilean
Picks: Soraka, Lee Sin, Tryndamere, Kog’Maw, Kassadin

Jatt tries multiple ganks bottoms but can’t quite pull off a kill. He’s turned on during his third try with a strong countergank which leads to three kills for Team SoloMid and a tower+dragon advantage. The Rain Man’s Teemo smacks around Scarra’s Tryndamere and slowly pushes down both towers in top. Scarra isn’t shut down from farm completely but can’t keep up with The Rain Man. Jatt attempts to catch The Rain Man in their jungle but the rest of Team SoloMid is their leading to a skirmish which gives SoloMid one kill and the advantage to baron. They ride the baron and a huge gold advantage to victory from there.

Match tied 1-1

Game 3:

Bans: Yorick, Singed, Teemo, Zilean
Picks: Skarner, Ezreal, Trundle, Sona, Heimerdinger

Bans: Akali, Udyr, Rammus, Graves
Picks: Tristana, Alistar, Karthus, Soraka, Nocturne

Most of the lanes went even. Team SoloMid was playing battle Soraka top against Skarner to try and keep him down, but it was only kind of effective. The dragon control with Trundle and Heimerdinger was very strong for Dignitas as they take the first two dragons largely uncontested. They also take the third dragon but Team SoloMid tries to baron and is stopped by Skarner. SoloMid looked to have an advantage when they picked off Scarra’s Heimerdinger and tried to push the advantage with a baron, however Dignitas fought 4v5 and aced SoloMid while only taking one kill. They would take the baron after and take victory of the match.

Dignitas 2-1


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