What? Rock Solid is evolving!

This is a picture of a troll and a human herding a cow upward so a scorpion and another human can cut it off (game 3)

When the Rampage King of the Hill tournament was announced Dignitas was still known as Rock Solid. They were a b-tier team who had yet to do much of anything besides lose to CLG. They were always a solid strong team, but always on the periphery.

Then they beat Complexity in the first round and CLG in the second round of Rampage. Then they beat CLG again and Epik to take first in the IGN Pro League. For so long the top tier of North American teams had seemed impenetrable, but here comes Dignitas with weird picks like Trundle and interesting team comps and they are suddenly playing with the best of them. It was so refreshing that another team could finally step up into the pantheon of top North American teams. They were the cool underdogs who all make ironic posts on reddit and seem like generally cool guys.

And then the WCG clusterfuck began. Voyboy asks a question which launches a million people into rage. Jatt’s competing in multiple qualifiers gets probably more exposure than it should’ve. The 1950’s insult of “scumbag” enters popular use again for some reason. They became the enemy team just as quickly as they had become the cool team*. Along the way they beat SK Gaming, Fnatic, and Team SoloMid in Rampage, sweeping the entire Rampage tournament.

*I don’t really think of Dignitas as the enemy, even if some people still do. What they did was a little selfish, yes, but not unforgivable. I think that’s an important distinction. Most people are selfish and we should be able to say something was wrong without being perpetually angry at others.

This entire transformation from Rock Solid to Dignitas took only three months. They began as underdogs, because the super successful underdogs, and then they were the enemy. This tournament just caps the whole chapter off; opening the door for whatever’s next for Dignitas.

Stray notes:

– Do you know those times in lane when you play safe and play safe and play safe and then you play aggressive and the Warwick is waiting right there to jump on you? I imagine that’s what Chaox was feeling as he rocket jumped into Ezreal only to find Jatt’s Lee Sin waiting in the bush.

– Surprise Pick: Teemo in the second game. The thing about Teemo is he counters melee attack damage really well because he has the blind, the delayed slow, and the speed to kite them. Tryndamere didn’t stand much of a chance in holding him back. Also it was The Rain Man. Dignitas banned Teemo in the third game.

– Shoutcasters: “Oh, I hate Twitch.” “Who didn’t?”

I really don’t have a problem with the heavy stealth champions being nerfed to oblivion because to beat them you had to play so passively that it was boring. So boring. They either induced rage or mind numbing passivity.

– I could use 500 riot points, but not enough to want to blatantly advertise for someone else. I have my pride Wellplayed, and you’re going to have to give me at least 1500 riot points for that.

– Surprise Pick: Heimerdinger in the third game. The thing about Heimerdinger is he’s really good in a poke comp. He has the long range missiles to poke at 1-3 enemies with, which makes him good, but the fact that it’s really hard to engage on him makes him great. If you commit to a fight with Heimerdinger you’re going to be taking a lot of turret damage.


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