This is a tournament patch…change all summoners and masteries

I think everybody noticed this juxtaposition in the patch preview. Probably because the discrepancy between expectations and results was so dramatic. That’s a fancy way of saying this happened:

Morello: This is a tournament patch, and we tend to be more conservative on tournament patches

Me: Okay, so that’s why we spent two minutes talking about a minor change to Katarina’s positioning. This is going to be one of those boring patch previews that tries to make Malzahar ultimate being reduced by 3 damage seem like a substantial balance change. Exciting.


Morello: You can’t stop him from farming so that will…

Me: Wait a minute, whose playing AP Sion on dominion?


Phreak: Sona’s aria of per-sev-er-ance is now…

Me: That’s not how you pronounce perseverance. I guess it was kinda close. I mean, if I put that combination of letters into a speak-and-spell it might come out that way, but I hold pronunciation up to a higher standard than imaginary speak-and-spells.

Phreak: We’re changing up our summoner spells. Almost all of them are getting buffed or nerfed in some way, and we’re going to see some new ones…

Me: What? Why did we spend all that time talking about Katarina being positioned slightly differently when all this was happening. I was under the impression that nothing was changing…because that’s what you told me. You lied to me Morello and I believed you like a gullible chump.

Phreak: In addition to summoner spells, we have three fully revamped mastery pages as well…

Me: I can only draw one conclusion – Riot’s patch preview editor is trolling me. Look at how he leads off with an inconsequential Kat buff and implies that the rest of this preview is going to be boring, and then wham, hits me over the head with some of the biggest changes in months.

That sly bastard. They say comedy is the art of bait and switch. Set up one expectation and knock it down. Editors get to practice this every once and a while, but usually not patch preview editors. But this one time, this one time, anonymous Riot video editor did.


2 comments on “This is a tournament patch…change all summoners and masteries

  1. brandonshorb says:

    That is most definitely not how you pronounce perseverance. I’m sure he pronounces cassiopeia (kass-ee-oh-pay-uh) as well, what a phreak.

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