Weekend Events: November 19-20th

MLG Providence

Epik, Team SoloMid, Dignitas, and RFLX will compete for a $30,000 prize pool at MLG Providence. This is three of the top four North American teams and RFLX Gaming, who passed CLG because of roster problems which forced a disqualification.

Time: First two rounds begin 10:00 a.m. EST on Saturday, the final two rounds begin 3:30 p.m. EST on Sunday

Stream: Official streams with shoutcasters

IEM Kiev Final Qualifiers for Europe

Sixteen teams will compete for the European slots at IEM Kiev. Top three advance to Kiev. Fnatic is already out as they did not pass the qualifiers, so what European teams will step up is a somewhat open question.

Time: Rounds begin at 15:00 CET (9:00 a.m. EST) on Saturday

Stream: No official stream, may be streamed by players

Edit (11/17): actually there is is an official stream. ESL’s own3d channel watching the games live.


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