Bracket shuffling at MLG Providence

A rough dramatization of how I imagined this went but probably is not how it actually happened at all:

MLG Officials: Alright, let’s make these brackets. Let me look at the qualifiers and just jot down teams in a logical put-them-in-the-seed-they-were-in way:

2. Epik
3. TSM
4. Dignitas

MLG Officials: Woah, woah, RFLX top seed? No, that is just too weird. They only got through because of a disqualification so they don’t deserve any of those spots. What do you mean the concept of “deserving” is a complicated social ideal which can’t be applied in a situation like this? Of course it can be applied, just watch me:

1. Epik
2. TSM
3. Dignitas

MLG Officials: Well, maybe I was being too harsh, lets move them back up. How much? I don’t know, let’s say…one spot because I’m exactly one spot regretful?:

1. Epik
2. TSM
4. Dignitas

MLG Officials: There we go. Now every combination of first rounds has been announced and then revised shortly after. We’re so good at this.


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