European IEM Kiev Final Qualifiers Wrap-Up

So there was this other thing going on today too.

The three European representatives going to IEM Kiev are Against all Authority, mTw Absolute, and Empire.

A little info on those teams after the jump.

mTw Absolute is a recently announced team of many European all-star players that formed shortly after Wickd left SK. They haven’t done anything important yet, but here’s there chance to start doing important things.

Against all Authority is a strong French team most known for placing second in the 2011 Dreamhack tournament to finish up season 1. They’ve had some turnover on their team since then but still have strong players like Soaz, YellOwStaR, and Linak.

Empire is a Russian team that’s been the crusher of recently hyped teams. La GG got a lot of hype when Snoopeh mentioned them as one of the best unknown teams on State of the League, but Empire beat them in the early rounds of the loser’s bracket. Sypher who recently placed highly in IEM New York got further in the loser’s bracket but also got knocked out by Empire. In the final placement match they beat SK Gaming in part by running a revive Ashe. Empire is another European team that hasn’t played in any LAN tournaments yet and therefore haven’t won any major prizes before.


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