Stray Notes for Day 1 of MLG Providence

Sona's response to dying teammates is always to put on a concert (Epik vs. TSM game 2)

– What a day for Westrice. Not that Epik’s teams didn’t help prop him up, but he carried hard in four of the five games with Akali, Vayne, and finally pulling out his Riven in a tournament setting (and it worked pretty well against Skarner).

– There was a large part of me rooting for RFLX, because part of me loves underdogs and another part of me feels like they’ve gotten unfairly mocked and another part of me likes that one of their players uses the IGN prollyracist. Realistically I assumed they would take 4th because they’re still a new team and probably need to work on their synergy, but they are filled with players that look good and they have beaten good teams before.

But they didn’t win a game and are the first team to go home. “Didn’t win a game” is a little too reductionist and binary though as it hides the fact that some of these matches were reportedly very close (they destroyed Dignitas’ nexus turrets in the final game and then had to retreat). Scarra even showed a little respect saying they were definitely one of the top 8 teams in NA in the post-game interview.

So the underdogs lost; underdogs usually do, but I hope this isn’t the last we hear of RFLX.

– There is a working pause function in the tournament client now. By “working” I mean that the players can pause the game but it never seems to actually work right for spectators. After the back and forth of Epik and Dignitas we didn’t get to see the deciding final fight but instead got to cut to the end and watch Epik blowing up the enemy Nexus. I mean I like explosions as much as the next guy but you totally cut out the good parts.

– Lots of games today where the top and bottom lanes swapped and pre-swapped in response and then later swapped after they went back.

– Dyrus dies to dragon, because I mean, if anyone’s going to die to dragon of course its Dyrus. Epik is still undefeated in games in which one of their players dies to neutral creeps.

LoL is the only game where dying to a dragon is humiliating.

– Surprise pick: LeBlanc. The deceiver has been an under the radar champion for a while now and she fulfills a role that’s pretty close to Kassadin. She’s strong against casters with her range and silence and is an assassin mage with high mobility. The main difference is she’s strongest early and drops in strength from their the longer the game goes, whereas Kassadin is the reverse.

– Salce’s opening build against LeBlanc: 13 health potions

– Phreak : “This is do or die for TSM”

Phreak considers going to the loser’s bracket the equivalent to death.

TSM fan sign; e-sports are becoming more like real sports everyday

– Lots of close games today and the final match between Epik and TSM was no exception. Two very strong comps were butting heads here. Epik had Vayne-Zilean-Yorick for the million true damage bolts strategy, however their main fighters were just Vayne and Udyr.

TSM played a more subtle game of protect the carry with Trundle pillar, Karthus defile and wall, and Skarner ult which allowed for lots of area control, especially against the short range fighters of Vayne and Udyr. In addition Tristana’s range allowed her to take potshots at enemies while being protected by this pillar/wall fortress.

Vayne-Zilean-Yorick has been a feared strategy for awhile now but TSM was going toe to toe with it in teamfights and the game could’ve gone either way until TSM’s one bad fight which ended the game.

– The finals of the loser’s bracket and then the grand finals will be played tomorrow. For anyone confused, the grand finals will be a best of seven with the previous matches added in. If the finals are TSM vs. Epik, (because they went 2-1 today) Epik will already be counted for 2 games, and TSM will already be counted for one. If Dignitas goes on to the finals they will have to win four games before Epik wins two. So Epik in in really good shape.


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