MLG Providence Day 2 Report

Loser’s Bracket Final

Team SoloMid vs. Dignitas Game 1

Bans: Akali, Rammus, Skarner
Picks: Graves, Trundle, Kassadin, Soraka, Maokai

Bans: Yorick, LeBlanc, Zilean
Picks: Karthus, Udyr, Caitlyn, Sona, Rumble

Team SoloMid started off strong with good map control and strong ganks from Reginald’s Kassadin, however Dignitas catches a good initiation with the rest of SoloMid slightly too far away and trades three for one pretty much evening up the gold at about 15 minutes.

Dignitas takes the third dragon while Team SoloMid considers a counter with baron but choose not to engage it because they are not quite strong enough. Dignitas immediately proceeds to push mid and TSM has to come in from their jungle.  The Sona/Rumble AoE ult combo catches TSM as they come from the back and can’t engage properly. TSM heal and goes straight to baron which Dignitas tries to stop but their ultimates are still down and take three deaths in the process. TSM takes Baron and pushes down to inhibitor towers.

Dignitas turtles out and goes for baron as soon as it respawns. A 5v5 fight at baron happens and Dignitas AoE ults again decimiate TSM as they crunch together in the Baron pit. Baron goes to Dignitas during the fight and they clean up with 3 kills and only 1 death. TSM responds by turtling their baron out.

The third baron fight is an epic drawn out to a minute affair where the only person standing at the end was The Rain Man’s Trundle and no one taking baron in the end. The teams respawn and go right back to mid. TheOddOne catches Scarra’s Karthus just slightly out of position and nearly blows him up with Reginald. Dignitas is aced with only one dead on TSM and TSM will push all the way to finish the Nexus.

TSM 1-0

Team SoloMid vs. Dignitas Game 2

Bans: Yorick, LeBlanc, Kassadin
Picks: Zilean, Ezreal, Skarner, Janna, Gangplank

Bans: Akali, Graves, Soraka
Picks: Karthus, Sona, Trundle, Tristana, Maokai

Team SoloMid enters with a very similar team composition. TheOddOne’s jungle Maokai really showed up last game and it made a repeat performance here. Reginald takes the first two kills on Scarra’s Zilean which sets him punishingly far ahead in mid, however the other lanes trade even and at almost 20 minutes the game was tied even at exactly 25k gold for each team.

A little while later Dignitas tries to take dragon and Team SoloMid counters with a baron. Unlike last game where they didn’t try they were able to pull off a baron kill very quickly with Trundle, Karthus, and Tristana. Dignitas didn’t even bother to finish the dragon and ran up but were met at the river entrance by a now buffed TSM. They kill two immediately and Chaox jumps to get the last shot on Janna, jumps to assist in killing in Zilean, and then tower dive jumps to finish of imaqtpie’s Ezreal before the tower can kill him. They trade five for two and push into their inhibitor tower at mid.

After a little healing and regrouping Team SoloMid pushes into Dignitas’ middle tower. Jatt tries to initiate with a Skarner impale but is stopped by a Sona stun and blown up. TSM runs through the tower to score an ace with no deaths against and pushes to the nexus to win.

TSM 2-0, TSM advances to Winner’s Finals

Winner’s Finals

Best of 7: Epik begins with 2 wins, TSM begins with 1 win

Epik vs. Team SoloMid Game 4

Bans: Tristana, Kassadin, Nasus
Picks: Zilean, Taric, Vayne, Rammus, Singed

Bans: Akali, Graves, Soraka
Picks: Sona, Yorick, Maokai, Ezreal, Ryze

Things started okay and then quickly bad for Epik. Dan Dinh tries to roll in for a bot gank and burns Xpecial’s flash and Sona ultimate. However, Ryze walks down, TheOddOne counter ganks, and The Rain Man teleports from top to take four kills from Epik with no deaths. They would push their advantage for a dragon and two towers.

TSM and Epik trade two for three at a baron fight, but Epik has to retreat from the two left because they have no health and TSM takes another tower. All players gather around dragon shortly after and a team fight ensues. Salce can’t get Zilean’s chronoshift onto Vayne in time and Epik is crushed. TSM takes baron and has too commanding a lead at this point to stop.

Match tied 2-2

Epik vs. Team SoloMid Game 5

Bans: Tristana, Kassadin, Zilean
Picks: Sona, Rammus, Kennen, Jax, Riven

Bans: Akali, Graves, Soraka
Picks: Vayne, Yorick, Karthus, Alistar, Maokai

Team SoloMid sends their Vayne and Alistar top to hold down Westrice’s Riven. TSM controls a lot of the laning phase because of it. Chaox gains more than double the CS of Westrice. The counterjungling against Dan Dinh by Xpecial, Reginald, and TheOddOne also prevented him from getting blue and hurt his path. Dyrus was also a little slow with his farm because he had to fight Yorick. Salce didn’t die and farmed well but Reginald’s Karthus got some kills elsewhere and a lot of farm and had a 12-minute Rod of Ages.

After pushing two of the top towers of Epik down, Team SoloMid continues pushing in top and a 4×4 teamfight breaks out where only Reginald dies while Epik has three deaths. Team SoloMid takes baron and plays it safe from there. Epik will initiate some strong fights with Salce’s Kennen putting some strong ults out, but Riven and Jax are just not farmed enough to deal enough damage to trade even in a teamfight.

TSM 3-2

Epik vs. Team SoloMid Game 6

Bans: Tristana, Kassadin, Zilean
Picks: Karthus, Taric, Vladimir, Riven, Heimerdinger

Bans: Akali, Graves, Soraka
Picks: Yorick, Sona, Ezreal, Maokai, LeBlanc

This game laning phase was very similar to last, except for the crazy composition of Epik. But Team SoloMid easily won their mid as LeBlanc has the ability to dash out and pound Heimerdinger more than he can handle. They sent two top again against Salce’s Vladimir, but Epik sent Taric to help. Team SoloMid had good control of the map and were pushing towers down as they always do and took every single one of Epik’s blue buffs.

Epik’s comp was trading more evenly in the team fights, but again the lead that Team SoloMid had built by this point meant that they were too strong to completely take down. After a teamfight where both teams lost three champions in the top lane Epik’s remaining two had to heal while TSM destroyed their inhibitor tower. TSM would heal and come right back down to the open inhibitor and a 5v5 fight would lead to everyone but Epik’s support dead and only TSM’s supports dead. Epik’s AoE comp brought most of TSM down to around twenty percent health, but they just didn’t have enough power. TSM would push their advantage to take down the rest of the inhibitors and eventually the nexus.

TSM 4-2, Team SoloMid wins MLG Providence


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