Random thoughts on that $5 million which will mostly go to people who play LoL really well

– The pre-season is over. Season 2 begins now. There is a very large prize pool.

– Once upon a time there was this new card game called Vs. System. The developers of the game invited tons of professional poker players to their tournaments and pumped up their prize money to make attending more attractive. Some professionals did attend and play, but most were not really invested in the game. The only reason many played was because the tournaments were easy money.

To add on to the problem the game didn’t really take hold of people at the casual level. There was little working the game into conversation six times until finally your friends relent and try it out with you and say “hey, this is pretty fun! Let us continue this activity right now and in future nights.” People played it for the money, not for the game.

I watch many player streams, too many streams probably, and these guys play passionately all the time. Most of these players I watch seem to enjoy the game and are not just playing to polish their skills to perfection. Riot is probably not Vs. System, in that they actually built a game that was worthy of having large tournaments for.

– $5 million. Wow, it sounds like a lot when you add up all the prize pools from all the tournaments. Actually, it still sounds like a lot, probably because it is.

– $2 million of the prize pool is going to the World Championship. I assume this is going to be the finale to season 2, in much the same way the Dreamhack tournament served to cap off season 1, except this time actually have the feeling of finality. The Dreamhack tournament was cool and all, but it’s just like Riot said “okay, we’re going to stop season 1……….here!” There was no significance or importance to the moment or the tournament. $2 million on the other hand, that’s pretty significant.

– In fact $2 million will be one of the largest, if not the largest, prize pools ever in an e-sports tournament. That is exciting.

– $1 million out of the 5 is going toward smaller tournaments. Riot cares about the slightly lower than professional Elo guys too.

– There was a time when nobody knew if League of Legends was going to make it as one of the big e-sports or if it was just going to burn out and fade away (it’s never made sense to me that something couldn’t both burn out and fade away). Those concerns seem rather trivial now.


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