North American IEM Kiev Pre-qualifier #2

6:30 update

Curse, Dignitas, Complexity, and Epik are moving on to the finals qualifiers for IEM Kiev with v8, Goose, TSM, and CLG. If those 8 teams looks familiar its because those are the same 8 teams from the IGN Pro League last month. So yeah, IGN Pro League rematch coming up.

3:00 update

Congratulations to Curse and Dignitas who have secured their spots in the final qualifiers, now they play for only seeding. The matches that matter more are now in the loser’s bracket. The seventh spot will be given to one of Bro Fist Gaming, Epik, Team Green Forest, or RFLX, while the eighth spot is between Complexity, Absolute Legends, or Leaguecraft Gaming.

1:55 update

Dignitas wins, Epik goes to loser’s bracket and is still not out of it.

1:10 update

Epik vs. Dignitas picking now on NESL channel 2.

12:45 update

As expected Epik and Dignitas got through to the second round and will be playing each other. They are waiting to be casted by NESL’s official stream and will probably be streamed by Dan Dinh as well.

12:30 update

Curse vs. Leaguecraft Gaming starting now on NESL’s official stream.

11:00 update

And it begins. Brackets are updated and everything. Epik is competing too, so that’s good, and they’ll probably run into Dignitas in the second round.

Teams that are top NA teams still looking for a spot: Dignitas, Epik

Teams that have sort of proven themselves and are looking to further establish themselves: Curse, Complexity, unRestricted, RFLX

Teams that haven’t proven themselves yet but have solid players and could one day be good: vVv, Absolute Legends, Leaguecraft, Proceed 2 Party, Bro Fist Gaming, and most other teams playing to some degree

Streams I’ve found that may or may not stay up (updated with more):

Main NESL Stream (casting Crs vs. Absolute Legends right now)
stream – twitch

Proceed 2 Party
kyuubicake – own3d

Epik Gamer
Nhat Nguyen – own3d
Dan Dinh – own3d

Lzuruha Gaming
Quantam Rage – own3d

Absolute Legends
Phantoml0rd – own3d

Pros + Fsweet
IceJackson – own3d

RedFlubber – own3d


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