IEM Kiev NA Finals Qualifier Thread

11:45 update

Goose beats v8 in three very close games. The North American representatives in Kiev will be A Picture of a Goose, Dignitas, and Team SoloMid. A Picture of a Goose has been one of the teams just on the edge of the spotlight for a long time, so this qualification for Kiev has been awhile in the making. I’ll have a recap and stray notes up soon (long day x_x).

9:00 update

The final best of three is beginning soon. v8 and Goose will be playing for the final NA slot for IEM Kiev.

8:00 update

CLG knocked out by v8. The last Kiev spot is going to Goose, Curse, or v8, all of whom are not part of the big four NA teams. Exciting times.

5:10 update

Goose pulls off the second major upset of the day and Epik is knocked out of the tournament. Westrice had to download the tournament client for his computer and caused his team to take a forfeit on the first round, so bad luck all around for them.

Battle of the upset victors with Epik vs. Curse on NESL channel 1 soon.

5:00 update

Team SoloMid has beaten Team Curse which secures their spot to IEM Kiev. Only one spot left between Epik, Goose, v8, CLG, and Curse.

Goose is about to possibly pull an upset against Epik so you might want to check that out in NESL channel 1.

The first game of the CLG vs. v8 match is happening right now on NESL channel 2.

4:30 update

Dignitas has won their second round match against v8 and secures their spot to IEM Kiev, so congratulations to them. TSM and Curse are still running their match to see which of them will advance on to Kiev. Epik vs. Goose going to a third game right now on NESL channel 1.

2:30 update

Goose vs. Epik in the losers bracket being casted on NESL channel 1. Okay, everybody knows that. But v8 vs. Dignitas is also being played on NESL channel 2 right now.

2:25 update

Doublelift’s old team beat Doublelift’s new team. A big upset against CLG for Curse. CLG and Epik in the loser’s bracket now; only one of them will be able to move on to Kiev.

12:55 update

Epik cannot find Westrice and are forced to forfeit the first round after an hour and forty-five minutes of waiting. v8 advances through to the second round and Epik goes to the loser’s bracket. Unfortunate turn of events for Epik Gamer.

12:25 update

CLG vs. Curse game 1 crazy back and forth. Curse ran a really odd team comp of Tryndamere, Graves, Soraka, Nocturne, and ap carry Kog’Maw. Curse ended up backdooring two inhibitors but with only nexus turrets and one inhibitor CLG began taking a huge lead in gold and kills. CLG tried to push for baron though and started a bad team fight with only bigfatjiji’s Kassadin surviving. Graves, Kassadin, and Tryndamere pushed through for an upset victory.

11:50 update

Official stream watching the only game not starting yet, Epik vs. v8. Westrice is missing in action and Epik is searching for a sub.

11:30 update

Games getting off the ground already. As usual, here is a list of streams.

Official NESL TV
Official stream – twitch

Team SoloMid
Chaox – own3d
TheOddOne – own3d
Reginald – own3d

Epik Gamer
Dyrus – own3d

Counter Logic Gaming
HotShotGG – own3d
bigfatjiji – own3d


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