World Cyber Games Group A and B team summaries

Here is a summary of the teams that are going to be playing tomorrow. The rankings I’ve written down are merely where they are at one specific point of time and may or may not represent that player’s true skill. Remember that two teams from each of these groups will be moving on to the tournament bracket.


Flash – Singapore

The Singapore servers and tournaments are kind of sequestered in their own little area. It’ll be interesting to see how they do against new competition. Flash is a professional team with five of the top players from this small area and were signed by Flash e-sports this summer. They have won two Singapore-Malaysia Go4LoLs and placed second in another two. They’ve come close to qualifying for IEM Cologne and Kiev but have never been able to overcome every team in their way.

Players and rank from the SEA ladder:
ly4ly4ly4 (rank 7)
Kailing (rank 9)
d4rkness (rank 3)
EquivocaL (rank 5)
Malicious (rank 18)

Gameburg Team – Poland

Polish has that alphabet that looks deceptively like English, but then you look closer and realize that you’re a lazy English speaker who can’t understand this at all. Which is a way of saying I would like to learn more about this team but that language barrier is in my way. Gameburg Team is a professional team from Poland that has won some small tournaments but have yet to do anything on an international stage. They’ve won three EU Go4LoLs and were runners up in the Alienware Clash of Champions tournament.

Players and rankings from EU-W ladder:
ArQuel (rank 130)
Czaru (rank 18)
Kikis (rank 347)
Makler (rank 471)
Mokatte (rank 213)

SiOL – Vietnam

Today I learned that SiOL stands for Sex is Our Life. There are teams named Chicks Dig Elo and Sex is Our Life competing in an international competition. SiOL has been active in the DotA community, but unknown in the LoL tournament scene. They have done one thing of note so far: qualify for the WCG 2011 games.

Et Yuu

Team Acer – Germany

This is really four of Team Acer’s players + yellowpete, because Acer’s fifth is from Austria. This is the case with a lot of these teams playing and sometimes they choose to keep their team name and sometimes they just make up a new one. Anyway, Team Acer is a b-tier European team that hasn’t yet proven they can step up their game to the likes of fnatic or SK.

Players and rankings on EU-W Ladder:
Faamy (rank 1714)
Yellowpete (rank 5)
nRated (rank 47)
Citizen Wayne (rank 49)
Schabs (rank 112)

Random guessing predictions for Group A:

1 – Team Acer
2 – Flash
3 – Gameburg Team
4 – SiOL


Smart People – Spain

Something about the aesthetic of the Meet Your Maker’s website feels like MTV and that annoys me for some reason. Team Spain is basically Meet Your Makers plus fnatic’s xPeke. Meet Your Makers is, you guessed it, a b-tier European team that’s come in first or second in many Go4LoL’s and come close to qualifying for IEM events.

Players and rankings from EU-W ladder:
Araneae (rank 43)
Babeta (rank 168)
Exterminare (rank 303)
heiN (rank 531)
xPeke (rank 11)

Rageface – United Kingdom

The big thing about this team is that they were picked up by 4-Kings after they qualified. The other big thing is that the UK LoL scene is small and none of these players are that high on the solo queue ladder. This team has done absolutely nothing before. So it’s confusing that they would be picked up when they are very unproven. This is their chance to prove themselves, or disprove themselves more likely, but we will see.

Players and rankings from EU-W ladder:
Kaution (rank 3226)
Tempestra (rank 2070)
mrunhappy (rank 2467)

Dignitas – United States

After Dignitas played one set against CDE in the United States finals they e-mailed for a rules clarification and received their additional games. This set off a firestorm of criticism and is what everybody will remember about Dignitas going in. I have no doubt they will be the team most rooted against in the WCG. They are still very good and will probably make it far.

Players and rankings on NA ladder:
voyboy (rank 52)
Jatt (rank 529)
imaqtpie (rank 751)
L0cust (rank 1082)
scarra (rank 4)

Invictus Gaming – China

Asian teams are an enigma. They always seem to send different representatives every tournament and those representatives sometimes do great, sometimes do nothing. From a narrative standpoint, many were hoping for World Elite to get a quasi-rematch with Counter Logic Gaming, but instead we get Invictus Gaming. Great job ruining the drama Invictus. But you have a cool name, so I forgive you. Invictus is Latin for unconquerable, and things sound more awesome in Latin. Unconquerable was already pretty cool.


Random guessing predictions for Group B:

1 – Dignitas
2 – Smart People
3 – Invictus Gaming
4 – Rageface


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