World Cyber Games Group C and D team summaries

And the last two group summaries. Again, the rankings merely represent where one player is at only in the moment I looked it up and may or may not represent his true skill level.


Bida Gaming – Philippines

This team is not actually going to compete because of visa problems. There are a lot of teams getting their first taste at a large competition and it’s unfortunate that Bida will miss their chance because of red tape. However, there are still four teams in this group because the whole Dignitas drama added another team which is…

Chicks Dig Elo – United States (we get two representatives, suck it world)

This is an amalgamation of Team SoloMid, Counter Logic Gaming, and Dyrus. It sounds like the ultimate superteam, well, until you realize that the Counter Logic Gaming Canada team is just the same thing but with the other players. When I started thinking about making this blog CDE had won their spot to the World Cyber Games. Then they were maybe going. Then when I started writing they had lost their spot. And now they are going again, all because of community outrage. Who says complaining on the internet can’t get anything done.

Players and rankings on NA ladder:
Reginald (ReginaId at rank 23, Reginald at rank 1316)
Dyrus (rank 25)
Xpecial (rank 21)
Chauster (rank 29)
saintvicious (rank 427)

Counter Logic Gaming – Canada

The reigning champions. The opposite twin of the CDE super-team. The team that’s playing Elementz because he played in the qualifiers way back when even though he’s benched from the normal team (…awkward). Counter Logic Gaming is an elite team who are one of the favorites to sweep the whole thing. Good luck to anyone standing in their way.

Players and rankings on the NA ladder:
HotshotGG (rank 188)
bigfatjiji (bigfatlp at rank 59)
Elementz (rank 1165)
Chaox (rank 5)
TheOddOne (rank 42)

Redbyte – Italy

This is Team Redbyte. It took me forever to find that. SK-Gaming reported them as “Italy_Gold” and I don’t know if that’s what they’re going by for the WCG, but this is Team Redbyte. I was expecting another b-tier European team that’s hoping to get a chance to shine at a big tournament for once, but these guys look closer to a c-tier team. They’ve tried to qualify for big events but have never gotten far. I welcome being proven wrong if they pull it together for the WCG though.

Players and rankings on EU-W Ladder
Reager (rank 3526)
Kelo (rank 2379)
Caneda (rank 26254)
Barracoon (rank 522)
Asklar (rank 488)

SEQUENTIAL Gaming – Australia

The drama surrounding the US and Canadian qualifiers is well publicized and mulled over. The drama around the Australian qualifiers covered less so. SEQUENTIAL came in through a shoddily run tournament that was run single elimination, best of one matches. Have Australian tournament organizers ever heard of the concept of small sample size? These guys are similar to the Italian team. Certainly good players, some of the best players in the world actually – probably still going to get crushed by CLG and CDE though.

Players and rankings on NA ladder:
Gin (rank ?)
Rusty (rank 6176)
Estonian (rank 6913)
Dale (rank 3091)
Denian (rank 8553)

Random guessing predictions for group C:
1 – Counter Logic Gaming
2 – Chicks Dig Elo
3 – Team Redbyte


For The Win – Chinese Taipei

Some teams you don’t know much about because they’re unknown. Other teams you don’t know much about because you can’t Google search their name without getting an impenetrable barrier of unrelated content. This team has some players ranked really highly on the North American ladder, but I’ve never seen them before and they’re impossible to search for. They might be a pick-up team formed for the WCG, although they might be an actual team too. I’m helpful with these vague statements.

Players and rankings on NA ladder:
MiSTakE (rank 50, smurf rank 54)
Stanley0506 (rank 124)
NeXAbc (rank 2309)
A8000 (rank 131)

Orange eSports – Malaysia

Orange e-sports logo appears to be a flying orange, so they’ve got that going for them. This is another team from the Singapore server, so they’ve been in their own little world for a while. Now here’s their chance to come out of their own little world and enter a great big international competition. Hopefully they do at least one thing that’s completely outside the NA/EU metagame and shake things up. Also they apparently have a base in which they train together, which is not that remarkable except for that he used the word “base.”

Players and rankings from SEA ladder:
Goldenz (rank 2)
waHz.LeNs (rank ?)
RedSuNz (rank 216)
MoNk3yz (rank 23)
ForeverXXF (rank 378)


This is Millenium, but someone must have filled out the team name wrong because it’s named after Jerome “Kujaa” Negretti right now. I find it hilarious that the WCG people haven’t change this on the schedule yet and that whoever typed Jerome’s name in spelled it wrong. Millenium was one of the top European teams. They came in fourth at IEM Cologne and 5-8th at IEM Guangzhou. That were definitely one of the teams to beat, until most of their members left for other teams. However, this is still the old Millenium. Whereas YellOwStaR, sOAZ, and Linak left for Against All Authority, for this tournament they’re back with Millenium (because that’s the team that played in the qualifiers).

Players and rankings from EU-W ladder:
YellOwStaR (rank 7)
Linak (rank 206)
sOAZ (rank 42)
Kujaa (rank 858)
Tidus (rank 8535)

Jantelaget – Sweden

Is Jantelaget’s name based off of Jantelagen? I have no idea, but if it is it’s an interesting statement that they would name a competitive LoL team that. E-sports names are supposed to be like Chicks Dig Elo or Rageface, what’s with this clever, making a statement and meaning something naming scheme? I approve of clever names. This is another of those out of the spotlight European teams that’s getting a shot at the big time. Their players seem pretty cool too, laughing in the face of mockery.

Players and rankings from EU-W ladder:
Farfain (rank 301)
kestrel (rank 481)
Maka (rank 3371)
Rashaasii (rank ?)
sommie (rank 1956)

Extreme Dive Gaming – South Korea

The hometown team for this WCG. Most Korean players still play on the North American servers, so there known to people who watch streams. A lot of people were hoping for Locodoco’s team (MiG) to make it, because they like Locodoco and his name is fun to say. However, instead we get MakNooN’s team which is just as good, even though his name is not as fun to say. This team has some high-ranked solo queue players but no one knows how synergized they are as a team yet or how good their two unknown players are. Well, someone knows, but it’s not me.

Players and rankings from NA ladder:

MakNooN (rank 18)
Mokuza (rank 6)
sxspp (rank 65)
IS2I (rank ?)
I Rush I (rank ?)

Random guessing predictions for group D:

1 – Millenium JEROME_NEGGRET
2 – Extreme Dive Gaming
3 – Jantelaget
4 – Orange eSports
5 – For the Win


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