Stray Notes on WCG day two

– The two North American teams, CDE and CLG Canada make it out of Group C, while Epic Dive Gaming and Jerome_NEGGRET make it out of Group D.

CDE and Dignitas will be playing each other in the first round of the quarterfinals. The WCG Only-LoL channel was streaming today, with actually good quality, so hopefully they show the quarterfinals match between CDE and Dignitas there. Because if the most anticipated match for North American audiences isn’t streamed then I’m just going to have to complain more on the internet. And no one wants that.

Also in the first round is Flash against Jerome_NEGGRET, Invictus against Counter-Logic, and Epic Dive Gaming against Gameburg.

– The last match of the day was Malaysia (Orange Esports) and France (Millenium). Malaysia had nothing to gain or lose. They were 0-3 and even though it looked like they might be a spoiler, the tiebreaker rules would put France ahead even if they lost the game. But Malaysia came out swingin anyway. They took a 12k+ gold lead and then miserably everything starts going wrong.

They have baron and dive too hard against towers. France kites around too much and they end up losing four and killing only one. They have another bad teamfight mid-lane and in the next fight get a baron stolen. They have LeBlanc on their team, which is the go to morale booster for a losing team: “hey look, they have LeBlanc guys, we just have to wait them out and they’ll suck later!”

And at this point it would’ve been easy to just give up. Their lead had diminished to a mere 4-5k gold lead. France’s Cassiopeia and Ezreal seemed unreachable past the protection of Rammus and Wukong. But Malaysia begins split-pushing into a enemy full of baron buff. First with bot and mid, but then they switch to top and mid, and all the time France is too scared to fight back. Malaysia’s Graves finally breaks through their line when France is caught out of position and Malaysia starts winning again.

This victory came with no rewards or additional prizes, but congratulations to Malaysia for pulling one game off against a very strong team.

– Picks and Bans

Orange E-Sports vs. Extreme Dive Gaming

Bans: Shaco, Akali, Morgana
Picks: Gangplank, Ezreal, Taric, Karthus, Irelia

Bans: Rammus, Sion, Graves
Picks: Vayne, Sona, Lee Sin, Anivia, Rumble

Counter Logic Gaming vs. Team Redbyte

Bans: Tryndamere, Rammus, Udyr
Picks: Graves, Soraka, Gangplank, Cho’Gath, Cassiopeia

Bans: Nidalee, Lee Sin, Ryze
Picks: Irelia, Skarner, Corki, Taric, Karthus

– Elementz, when I was listing all those things that didn’t go smoothly yesterday I forgot that the audio and visual were desynced. It only took me about one minute into the game until I remembered that.

– Karthus ultimate before fight: get full damage, but could possibly be interrupted, but a large amount of AoE damage that allows for quicker kills on people, although could be wasted if engagement fails

Karthus ultimate after fight/dead: the opposite of everything I said earlier

– The main stage gets the horrible streaming equipment that produces no quality while the second stage gets the actually functioning stuff. Someone messed up when naming the stages or handing out the equipment.

– More and more summoner heals are being used in tournament play. It’s exciting not knowing what summoners players are going to take nowadays instead of the narrow choices left before the changes. Of course, it could all end in a month when a new pattern has taken hold and it’s heal/ignite we all have to take instead of flash/exhaust. But for now, everybody’s trying different things.

– Even after the clairvoyance nerfs many took up the old hatchet of “heal helps correct mistakes, clairvoyance prevents them from happening in the first place.” It was a clever saying, but it didn’t actually mean anything or engage in what summoner was actually better; it just happened to be right for a long time. Now it’s a little unclear how correct it is.

– Speaking of things nobody uses, Malaysia’s LeBlanc bought a Haunting Guise. If you remember what Haunting Guise does then I applaud you. When this item had spell vamp (and it was the only one at the time), it was actually unique and worth buying. Now it occupies a spot of early-mid game mage item that’s not really better than just a doran’s ring. Poor Haunting Guise, Riot doesn’t know what to do with you.


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