Goose need money to fly north this January

There was a rumor today that CLG was taking Goose’s place at Kiev due to money problems, to which Atlanta shot down with a “Nope.Nopenopenopenope.” Money be damned, they’re going. Although the problem is there.

For all the problems and mismanagement of the World Cyber Games at least they pay for their competitors to actually go. Many of the major e-Sports tournament, like IEM, do not, which makes it hard for smaller teams to go as the prize money won’t be enough to cover travel unless you finish highly, which is not a guarantee.

So, A Picture of a Goose qualified for IEM Kiev and have been trying to scrap together the money for travel and board. Many of their players were not streaming before the qualifiers, probably because they weren’t worried about spare income at that point. Immediately after though, spare income became more of a concern.

On State of the League Atlanta estimated the cost to be about $8000. They have somewhere between $0-$8000 left to go, so if you want to help you can tolerate the advertisements from the streams of Atlanta, mandatorycloud, lemongod, Xmithie, and MegaZero (sometimes sub and supporter of Goose) or just donate directly.


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