Weekend Events: December 17-18

NESL Premier League Season 2 Playoffs

NESL runs a high-level league for League of Legends with 30 of the top teams from North American playing. The top 16 of those teams will be playing for a $5,000 prize pool. Also at stake is a wide variety of more abstract things, like seeding in future NESL events, season 2 circuit points, and invitations to next season’s elite league.

Almost every top North American team will be competing. This includes CLG, TSM, Dignitas, Curse, A Picture of a Goose, Complexity, v8, RFLX, and a myriad of others. The only major exception is Epik Gamer.

Bracket: Here

Structure: Matches are best of three, tournament is double elimination

When: Saturday, December 17 and 18, beginning at 10 p.m. PST

Streams: There will probably be an official stream on NESL’s Twitch.tv channel and possibly different games on their second Twitch.tv channel.


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