NESL Premiere League Season 2 Playoffs day one thread

11:00 update

One of the biggest upsets of the day was Toveri, a pretty unknown team that lost to LeagueCraft gaming in the first round, beat Complexity and then A Picture of a Goose immediately after.

Playing tomorrow begins at 12:00 p.m. PST. CLG and Team SoloMid are still in the winner’s bracket and are guaranteed high-place finishes, while v8, Dignitas, RFLX, Curse, and Toveri will play their way up the rest of the loser’s bracket.

6:30 update

Games are nearly over for the day. The last match still going is Team SoloMid against v8 e-Sports, with v8 up one game. Being casted on channel 2 right now.

5:00 update

v8, TSM, Crs, and CLG all won their second round matches, sending Goose, LC, vVv, and Complexity to the loser’s bracket. Curse and Counter Logic have started their match already while v8 and Team SoloMid are probably starting soon. Dignitas and RFLX Gaming still in the loser’s bracket and are about to begin as well. (edit: happening tomorrow actually).

3:45 update

A third game for v8 vs. Goose is starting right now on channel 1, while a third game between TSM and Complexity happening now on channel 2. Rubber matches here we go.

1:15 update

CLG, LC, vVv, Crs, v8, Goose, TSM, and Complexity won their first rounds. There’s still a loser’s bracket for the rest of the teams as well. The Button Masher’s disbanded before the tournament so Complexity got a bye against them and RFLX gets a bye against them right now.

Also of note, Dignitas lost their first round to A Picture of a Goose, so Goose is continuing their strong play. Also Goose playing jungle Master Yi, so continuing their odd picks as well.

10:50 update

Players that are streaming their games:

Counter Logic Gaming
HotshotGG – own3d
SaintVicious – own3d

Elementz (comfirming Elementz to Curse rumor?) – own3d


Lexvink – own3d

10:15 update

Games beginning soon. Being casted officially by both channels. Dyrus and Colbycheeze are casting on the second channel.


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