Uncertainty and excitement and other stray notes from the Premier League tournament day one

– At the IEM Kiev qualifiers, Dignitas beat Goose, Goose beat v8, and Crs beat CLG. Today the opposite of all those things happened.

I find uncertainty is great in sports. When there’s actual risk for my favorite teams because the outcome isn’t set in stone as success or failure, well that’s when there’s an actual sense of tension. If anybody can win on any given day, well, that’s a pretty exciting thing.

– Toveri is one of the remaining seven teams left in the tournament and I would forgive you if you’ve never heard of them, because I also knew next to nothing about them. In the first round they lost to Leaguecraft Gaming, like I expected a team I knew very little about would do.

Then they beat a team I had never heard of. I could accept that too, because both teams couldn’t lose in that situation. It’s just the basic tournament structure prevents that sort of thing.

But then something strange happened. They beat Complexity and then immediately in the next round beat A Picture of a Goose (the same team that had just beaten Dignitas). Anybody can win on any day.

– Also, Toveri stands for Teamwork over Individuality, so basically they’re letting the communists win.

– Surprise pick: Jungle Kayle, by RFLX’s Lautemortis. I’m not entirely sure how Lautemortis made this work. As far as I can tell he was building pure damage with Berserker’s Grives, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Zeal, and attack damage items. Kayle has a lot of utility and that ultimate can be game changing. The jungle Kayle was doing quite good in some games but there were other problems in most of those games which caused RFLX to lose.

– Surprise pick: Jungle Yi, by Atlanta. It’s not that Master Yi is unknown to the jungle, in fact he’s mainly known as a jungler in mid-high elo. It’s more the fact that Yi has a reputation as rather weak in competitive play and is just a low elo pubstomper. Atlanta also pulled out the jungle Karthus later as well. Atlanta seems to be able to pull any jungler whatsoever out of his hat.

– After two back and forth games between Team SoloMid and RFLX Gaming, the third one was fifteen minutes of slaughter. I’ve been on the receiving end of those kind of massacre’s myself, so that’s probably why I was wincing for the final minutes.

Dyrus: “I feel like I’m watching a real sad movie, like Saving Private Ryan.”

ColbyCheeze: “I feel like I just got friend zoned by my true love.”

It was even unpleasant to the commentators.

– v8 Aphromoo seems to be trying to bring Kog’Maw back to the forefront singlehandedly. Some of the European teams brought him to the American meta, but he’s been kind of forgotten after a small nerf and then overshadowed by Graves. Aphromoo has been wrecking hard with him though.

Of note is that he seems to prefer building Warmog’s Armor and then Atma’s Impaler after he finishes his Infinity Edge. Kog’Maw is one of the AD carries with the least survivability, aside from his excellent range. With the range and 3500+ health he has proven nearly impossible to kill.

– v8 was looking good with a victory against Team SoloMid in their first game, but seemed to counter-pick themselves going into the second two games. This isn’t particularly new insight; Dyrus and ColbyCheeze saw the whole thing coming to, which made both of those games somewhat painful to actually watch.

– Ryze won nearly every game in which he was picked (every game that I watched actually, I can’t speak for the ones I didn’t watch though). Up to this point we’ve mainly seen Dignitas play Ryze, but now other teams are adapting it more and more and finding out how powerful his ability to soak damage and dish out sustained damage at the same time are. No one seems to know the proper counter yet.


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