NESL Premiere League Season 2 Playoffs day two thread

7:20 update

Curse continues their winning by beating Team SoloMid in just two games. The rematch between Curse and Counter Logic Gaming coming up with a weighted finals. Because Curse is coming from the loser’s bracket they have to win two in a row, while CLG only has to win one game.

5:20 update

Curse wins in two games against Dignitas, so the penultimate match will be Curse vs. Team SoloMid on NESL channel two.

3:10 update

Dignitas advances, so the Curse vs. Dignitas match will begin soon on NESL channel two.

2:20 update

CLG wins against TSM in two games, so they advance to the finals. Crs won their loser’s bracket game, so they are going against the winner of v8 and Dignitas next.

1:55 update

In the v8 vs. Dignitas match v8 was down more than 10k gold and might be pulling off a comeback right now on NESL channel one. Dignitas still up more than 10 kills. Catch game one of Dignitas vs. v8 later on the VoDs if you didn’t watch it, it’s a good game regardless of the outcome.

1:05 update

For those wondering why Epik isn’t competing in this tournament, Dan Dinh said on his stream that the Premiere League requires a fee to enter and Epik just didn’t bother with it.

12:00 update

The finals of the winner’s bracket, TSM vs. CLG, is beginning on NESL channel two soon, casted by Dyrus and ColbyCheeze.

RFLX and Dignitas are also going into game three right now. Game one was a 45-minunte game of back and forth eventually won by RFLX. Scarra carried with a Veigar in the second, causing RFLX to just ban him for the third.

11:00 update

Games beginning now. Dignitas vs. RFLX already under way on NESL channel one.


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