HotShotGG gets away with baron thievery; steals Curse’s thunder as well

*I’ve written a wrap-up over at as well if you didn’t catch the whole tournament

Close games at the tournament level are often decided around dragons and barons. If a game is decided within the first 20 minutes it’s often a decisive slaying of a dragon. If a game is decided after that it’s usually around Baron Nashor.

For the first 25 minutes it seemed as if either Curse or Counter Logic Gaming could take the game. Doublelift was playing Vayne like a true carry, even coming out of a 2v1 with two kills and living. Shaco was trying to assassinate her every fight though and Swain and Rumble were a bursty tanky combo that was putting lots of damage across the CLG team.

In the mid-late game, after picking off a couple of CLG’s players, Curse goes for baron and does 95 percent of the damage before HotshotGG teleports in and steals it with Nidalee. Not even with a spear shot; he just ran in and hit the thing.

Did he get a Wriggle’s Lantern proc? I’m not sure. Would it make it better or worse if he had? That Curse could’ve lost a game because a Wriggle’s Lantern decided, yes, you randomly get this proc HotShotGG.

Crumbzz was there though, with his smite, and he just didn’t smite at the right time. There’s only so much you can do though if you’ve ever been in that position. Baron’s health drops so fast and you have to aim it so that your smite hits in as soon as it’s in smite range or risk an opponent’s steal. This is part-skill, part-luck. The roll of the dice and the dexterity of the hands were not with Crumbzz today.

In the only time Curse gets past Dignitas and makes it to the finals they lose largely because a cougar swiped at Baron at just the right time. Bad luck for Curse. There’s no guarantee Curse wins if they get that baron, but that one moment changes the entire course of the game.

Stray notes:

– Elementz was playing for Team Curse. No one knows if this means anything. Immediately after the tournament was done Aphromoo talked to Kararawr on the NESL stream about Elementz moving to Team SoloMid. Was Aphromoo trolling or does he actually know something? Elementz may have said something on his stream either confirming or denying this. I’m getting mixed signals from everybody. It’s all hazy right now. This is why I’m unsure if I should post rumors.

– Surprise pick: Scarra and nyjacky with Veigar (many many times). This tournament was played on the most recent patch (with a global ban on Ahri) and so Veigar had received his buffs here. Nyjacky was known for his Veigar play before the buffs, even forcing it to be banned out on numerous occasions. Veigar played exactly like the Veigar you probably know, cage stun a killable target and then kill that target. The Ryze counterpick was attempted (the only no ap ap-carry) but nyjacky’s Veigar was still able to crush people when he got a proper pick. Veigar is still dangerous with that stun and his ult is still dangerous even without the bonus damage against ap targets.

– Clairvoyance has dropped in use precipitously. The more summoner heal becomes common though the less effective heal baiting will be, but even without that hook it still might be powerful enough to overtake Clairvoyance. Extra health is useful.

– The balance between the traditional AD carries seems pretty great right now. Here’s every traditional AD carry that was picked in the tournament:

Corki (ArcKnight, Aphromoo, imaqtpie)
Ashe (Doublelift)
Kog’Maw (Aphromoo)
Graves (Chaox, nearly everybody when he’s not banned)
Caitlyn (Chaox, Doublelift, RedFlubber)
Sivir (Chaox)
Tristana (Aphromoo, Chaox)
Vayne (Doublelift)

Everyone that went unpicked as far as I know:

Miss Fortune

– Dyrus: “It’s like watching Saving Private Ryan, the third part.” This is Dyrus’ go-to movie for watching something sad.

– Team SoloMid initiated on jungle invasion fights at the beginning of both games and got way ahead. They pushed their advantage into early dragons and powerful lane presences but both times couldn’t overcome the team-fighting skills of Counter Logic Gaming. If Reginald was angry after both of these losses and the losses to Curse it is somewhat understandable (judging by post-stream talk, he was).

– Picks and Bans

Counter Logic Gaming vs. Team SoloMid game 1

Bans: Yorick, LeBlanc, Gangplank
Picks: Ryze, Maokai, Janna, Ashe, Kennen

Bans: Graves, Alistar, Soraka
Picks: Sona, Caitlyn, Trundle, Karthus, Singed

CLG 1-0

Counter Logic Gaming vs. Team SoloMid game 2

Bans: Yorick, Gangplank, Ryze
Picks: Sona, Maokai, Caitlyn, Swain, Rumble

Bans: Kennen, Soraka,Xerath
Picks: Graves, Janna, Trundle, Karthus, Udyr

CLG 2-0

Dignitas vs. Team Curse game 1

Bans: Shaco, Graves, Rammus
Picks: Gangplank, Ryze, Leona, Tristana, Riven

Bans: Karthus, Tryndamere, Corki
Picks: Kennen, Caitlyn, Yorick, Lee Sin, Morgana

Curse 1-0

Dignitas vs. Team Curse game 2

Bans: Kennen, Shaco, Rumble
Picks: Graves, Gangplank, Veigar, Skarner, Amumu

Bans: Karthus, Tryndamere, Corki
Picks: Rammus, Caitlyn, Ryze, Yorick, Vladimir

Curse 2-0

Team SoloMid vs. Team Curse game 1

Ban: Kennen, Ryze, Shaco
Picks: Graves, Sona, Gangplank, Vladimir, Kassadin

Ban: Maokai, Karthus, Yorick
Picks: Lee Sin, Morgana, Kog’Maw, Soraka, Rumble

Curse 1-0

Team SoloMid vs. Team Curse game 2

Bans: Shaco, Graves, Ryze
Picks: Alistar, Gangplank, Udyr, Kog’Maw, LeBlanc

Ban: Karthus, Maokai, Yorick
Picks: Kennen, Tristana, Lee Sin, Sona, Morgana

Curse 2-0

Counter Logic Gaming vs. Team Curse game 1 (weighted best of 3)

Bans: Caitlyn, Maokai, Kennen
Picks: Shaco, Rumble, Corki, Gangplank, Swain

Bans: Morgana, Graves, Yorick
Picks: Ryze, Alistar, Vayne, Nidalee, Jarvan

CLG 1-0


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