Scumbag Jatt can’t add extra hours to day, leaves Dignitas due to other commitments

Jatt, Dignitas’ jungler, steps down from the team because he has too many other real-life commitments to handle.

Rock Solid only became the elite team we know today after the addition of Jatt. Before that they were good, but never great. Was that just coincidental timing or were Jatt’s calls, leadership, and jungling ability really that good? Nobody knows! But it will be interesting to see how Dignitas does from here on out.

I don’t know if Jatt is still competing in IEM Kiev or not, but Kiev is only a month away. Due to the season 2 circuit rules they probably won’t be able to use a substitute from an established team (Goose is in a similar situation because mandatorycloud isn’t able to go). So…good luck in finding a top-level jungler who isn’t with a top-level team in a month. (update edit: from State of the League talk it appears Jatt isn’t competing and they are indeed looking for a replacement.)

When Elementz said Jatt was leaving Dignitas maybe he wasn’t trolling, about that one part at least. Or maybe he’s an incredibly accidental prophet.


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