Hey ESL, what’s the difference between an organization and a community?

CLG.eu: “The problem which arose is that ESL has concluded the team license will remain with mTw, claiming that Absolute Legends is not a legitimate organization and only a community.”

I can’t believe in the ongoing war between organizations and communities that the ESL would choose organizations, when communities are clearly more awesome and less evil. Oh, wait, no, I was thinking of the empire and the rebels from Star Wars. Organizations and communities are those things that aren’t really that different and any imaginary difference between the two shouldn’t really matter.

Now, this was just CLG paraphrasing ESL’s response, so maybe they’re not being fair to ESL’s argument, but ESL hasn’t released any explanation so this is what we’ve got to go off of.

ESL is in the right in trying to prevent future abuse of teams that qualify and then split into new teams, even though it appears Counter Logic Gaming.eu was not trying to abuse the system and their team just happened to change a lot recently. Whether you should go by the spirit of the law or the letter of the law is a philosophical debate that I don’t have the answer to, so let’s ignore that.

However, where ESL is wrong is in their attempts to justify their decision of giving the license to mTw, which is that: “Absolute Legends is not a legitimate organization and only a community.” I’m sorry, but can you show me an objective criteria to even separate the two, and further, tell me why that should matter? Now, maybe I’m focusing on the wrong word here and the actual issue is over “legitimacy.” Again, show me objective criteria and tell me why those objective criteria matter for it.

This whole license thing is important because whoever has the license has authority to decide where the team’s season 6 points go, which could send a team to the upcoming world championship. So the conversation probably went something like this:

mTw: we’ll let you go to Kiev, if you give us all the circuit points so we can send our own team to the world championship if you win.
CLG.eu: our counteroffer is we play with your tag but keep the circuit points for ourselves.
mTw: our counteroffer is that we have the license and therefore you have no leverage and nothing to offer us, so refer to our original proposition.
CLG.eu: …..damn it.

This is a tricky situation where ESL has to choose one angry e-Sports organization over another angry e-Sports organization, so they should communicate their actual criteria and rationale. “Legitimate organization and only a community” is not a real criteria and is a poor rationale.


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