I sold out to the man, in this case ‘the man’ being another independent blogging organization

I started this blog both because of the lack of any quality coverage of the League of Legends scene out there and because I thought I could provide some of that. Over these past three months I hope I’ve provided that here and I have enjoyed writing and being all introspective, but now it is time to bid farewell to this blog.

A bigger opportunity at ggchronicle.com has come for me and I’m excited about starting there. I’ll still be writing, just somewhere else.

I know there was at least a couple of you out there who RSS followed me because I have all these nifty site stats, so thanks for you followers and anyone else who happened to stop by and read!


IGN Pro League announces all-star game we already knew about

This was leaked a couple days ago, but now it’s actually here. The SXSW conference in Austin is going to have a exhibition match between players from west North America and players from east North America.

In typical all-star game fashion, the players will be chosen by a public vote which is in the link above. It appears players from Curse, v8 e-Sports, Epik, Dignitas, RFLX, A Picture of a Goose, Complexity, and Mono e-Sports are participating.

Curse going to Kiev in Goose’s spot, unofficially confirmed

More news today about IEM Kiev as Rinoa has unofficially confirmed that Team Curse will be going to Kiev. A Picture of a Goose couldn’t go because of their members being unable to make the flight, but at least the spot is going to a similar team. Curse, much like Goose, has the potential to break into the elite tier teams but haven’t quite made it there in the past. Now here’s a good chance for them and an international stage to do it on.

More team shuffling at Kiev: CLG.eu can’t go, SK Gaming steps in

Counter Logic Gaming.eu (formerly mTw Absolute Legends) will not be able to go to Kiev and SK Gaming will be filling their spot.

Supposedly, CLG.eu qualified for Kiev under the mTw Absolute Legends name and mTw got the license to go, so when the Absolute Legends teams switched sponsors they inadvertently forfeited their license. We’ve seen the Absolute Legends team go through many roster changes, two sponsors and like three different names and they still haven’t played in a major tournament. We’re all going to have to wait a little longer now to see the European superstar team play at a big event.

SK Gaming on the other hand are still recovering from the departure of Snoopeh and wickd (who left for CLG.eu weirdly enough) and are going to possibly be rolling out the new roster at Kiev. SK Gaming nearly qualified for the event anyway but got beat out in the final qualifying match by Moscow Five (known at the time as Team Empire).

Congratulations to Counter Logic Gaming for winning popularity contest

Counter Logic Gaming has won the 2011 Razer Team of the Year. Usually CLG has to actually do something to win, but all they had to do to win 2011 Razer Team of the Year is get a bunch of people to vote for them. Good job getting more fans to press a series of buttons for you than any other team could CLG!

Now CLG gets to put their logo on a fancy Razer mouse, so fans can look forward to that.

The real victory is for League of Legends though. In a field filled with teams from all over the various active e-sports, the LoL-only team, CLG, comes in first.

A Picture of a Goose not going to IEM Kiev

Just as Goose looked like they were beginning to take off (ed. note: PUN!), their big debut gets grounded (ed. note: PUN AGAIN!).

Everybody was so focused on the financial issues, but what’s surprising is that the major roadblocks ended up being something else completely. According to Atlanta, mandatorycloud and lemongod’s parents have vetoed their trips to Ukraine and are thus unable to go. We already knew mandatorycloud wasn’t going, but now that lemongod is out of the picture the team decided that three out of five wouldn’t really be Goose playing out there.

Additionally lemongod is going to need to take a hiatus from the team for awhile to focus on schoolwork. Just when Leona is starting to gain some traction probably the best Leona player gets sidelined.

Atlanta remains optimistic: “We Geese love your support and hope that you realize that Kiev is not the end all be all for our team and that YOU WILL SEE US. THE GOOSE WILL FLY AGAIN.” That’s the right attitude.

This all leaves an empty spot in Kiev for some North American team. The normal procedure is to give the spot to whoever the next team on the circuit rankings is whose not going, which would be CLG. Goose have said they would prefer v8, and v8 was the team to just lose out the qualifiers to Goose, but those two things probably won’t mean much and CLG will likely get the spot.