Hey ESL, what’s the difference between an organization and a community?

CLG.eu: “The problem which arose is that ESL has concluded the team license will remain with mTw, claiming that Absolute Legends is not a legitimate organization and only a community.”

I can’t believe in the ongoing war between organizations and communities that the ESL would choose organizations, when communities are clearly more awesome and less evil. Oh, wait, no, I was thinking of the empire and the rebels from Star Wars. Organizations and communities are those things that aren’t really that different and any imaginary difference between the two shouldn’t really matter.

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Lapaka leaves Absolute Legends

That took all of one qualifier. Apparently it was a mutual agreement. When Lapaka left/got kicked from Curse he exited in a pretty aggressive way. He was refusing to take any bait about Phantoml0rd when he was scrimming with v8 last night. Progress?