Chicks Dig Elo…and winning international competitions

Here is your prize: an American flag. You get the $25,000 later

You think the Super Bowl would have the most exciting production values and most excitement per minute of any game of the year. But the truth is a lot of the time is spent occupying people who are only half-interested in the sport by distracting them with mediocre halftime shows, commercials (which vary from trying too hard to not trying hard enough to actually great), and surface-level football analysis. You have to tread through a lot to get to the actual football.

The World Cyber Games has its own sense of grandiose production and poor stream quality that has muddled its purpose and weakened what should be a great event. In its attempts to be all-inclusive its created channels that no one really wants to stick around in. Who sticks around for the Carom games (an online billiards simulator)?

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Stray Notes on WCG day three

– CDE and Gameburg Team have made it through their brackets and are playing in the grand finals tomorrow. CLG and Jerome_NEGGRET are playing in the bronze match.


– There’s been this whole looming specter of the CDE disaster and how that was handled haunting this tournament, at least for most of the North American viewers (I don’t know how much the European audience cares, maybe they do, but I hate to assume stuff). You can try and apply that narrative to the games between CDE and Dignitas, and act like this whole thing expunges it. It doesn’t really, it’s just another game. But at the same time for the two teams to actually meet and for CDE to win out after losing the first game feels great, cathartic even.

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Stray Notes on WCG day one

– Flash and Gameburg Team are moving on from Group A, while Invictus Gaming and Dignitas are moving on from Group B. Meet Your Makers and Team ACER were two of the stronger European teams so its a little surprising to see them both get knocked out so early.

– “This is running smoother than last year.” –Elementz. Did a tornado sweep in last year or something?

1. First match was 23 minutes late
2. Graphics said SiOL and ACER were Group B when they were Group A
3. Announcers in the first match were displayed as the Korean announcers even though Elementz and Deman were talking
4. Half an hour in and the Korean announcers were still there
5. The second match was also over half an hour late
6. imaqtpie had a random x in his name in the graphics
7. Didn’t have a picture of Fizz for their graphic of the picks
8. Commentator sounds suddenly malfunction during important Dignitas vs. Smart People fight

The poor quality is disappointing, but let’s not blow this out of proportion. It’s not like the WCG people had the option of giving a great presentation or giving a poor one and purposefully chose to give a poor one. They thought they could give a good show, and then proceeded to make mistakes. Their inability to give good presentations is annoying but I’m still glad they’re putting on events this big for eSports.

Although, please get better equipment and more competent people in the future WCG people.

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World Cyber Games Group A and B team summaries

Here is a summary of the teams that are going to be playing tomorrow. The rankings I’ve written down are merely where they are at one specific point of time and may or may not represent that player’s true skill. Remember that two teams from each of these groups will be moving on to the tournament bracket.

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