Hey ESL, what’s the difference between an organization and a community?

CLG.eu: “The problem which arose is that ESL has concluded the team license will remain with mTw, claiming that Absolute Legends is not a legitimate organization and only a community.”

I can’t believe in the ongoing war between organizations and communities that the ESL would choose organizations, when communities are clearly more awesome and less evil. Oh, wait, no, I was thinking of the empire and the rebels from Star Wars. Organizations and communities are those things that aren’t really that different and any imaginary difference between the two shouldn’t really matter.

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Curse going to Kiev in Goose’s spot, unofficially confirmed

More news today about IEM Kiev as Rinoa has unofficially confirmed that Team Curse will be going to Kiev. A Picture of a Goose couldn’t go because of their members being unable to make the flight, but at least the spot is going to a similar team. Curse, much like Goose, has the potential to break into the elite tier teams but haven’t quite made it there in the past. Now here’s a good chance for them and an international stage to do it on.

More team shuffling at Kiev: CLG.eu can’t go, SK Gaming steps in

Counter Logic Gaming.eu (formerly mTw Absolute Legends) will not be able to go to Kiev and SK Gaming will be filling their spot.

Supposedly, CLG.eu qualified for Kiev under the mTw Absolute Legends name and mTw got the license to go, so when the Absolute Legends teams switched sponsors they inadvertently forfeited their license. We’ve seen the Absolute Legends team go through many roster changes, two sponsors and like three different names and they still haven’t played in a major tournament. We’re all going to have to wait a little longer now to see the European superstar team play at a big event.

SK Gaming on the other hand are still recovering from the departure of Snoopeh and wickd (who left for CLG.eu weirdly enough) and are going to possibly be rolling out the new roster at Kiev. SK Gaming nearly qualified for the event anyway but got beat out in the final qualifying match by Moscow Five (known at the time as Team Empire).

Scumbag Jatt can’t add extra hours to day, leaves Dignitas due to other commitments

Jatt, Dignitas’ jungler, steps down from the team because he has too many other real-life commitments to handle.

Rock Solid only became the elite team we know today after the addition of Jatt. Before that they were good, but never great. Was that just coincidental timing or were Jatt’s calls, leadership, and jungling ability really that good? Nobody knows! But it will be interesting to see how Dignitas does from here on out.

I don’t know if Jatt is still competing in IEM Kiev or not, but Kiev is only a month away. Due to the season 2 circuit rules they probably won’t be able to use a substitute from an established team (Goose is in a similar situation because mandatorycloud isn’t able to go). So…good luck in finding a top-level jungler who isn’t with a top-level team in a month. (update edit: from State of the League talk it appears Jatt isn’t competing and they are indeed looking for a replacement.)

When Elementz said Jatt was leaving Dignitas maybe he wasn’t trolling, about that one part at least. Or maybe he’s an incredibly accidental prophet.

Groups for IEM Kiev announced

Two teams from each of these groups will advance to bracket play. Both of the groups have elite teams in them.

Group A

Absolute Legends.eu mTw
White Lotus
Team SoloMid
A Picture of a Goose

Group B

Against all Authority
Moscow Five (this is Empire, recently picked up by Moscow Five)
Invictus Gaming

Goose need money to fly north this January

There was a rumor today that CLG was taking Goose’s place at Kiev due to money problems, to which Atlanta shot down with a “Nope.Nopenopenopenope.” Money be damned, they’re going. Although the problem is there.

For all the problems and mismanagement of the World Cyber Games at least they pay for their competitors to actually go. Many of the major e-Sports tournament, like IEM, do not, which makes it hard for smaller teams to go as the prize money won’t be enough to cover travel unless you finish highly, which is not a guarantee.

So, A Picture of a Goose qualified for IEM Kiev and have been trying to scrap together the money for travel and board. Many of their players were not streaming before the qualifiers, probably because they weren’t worried about spare income at that point. Immediately after though, spare income became more of a concern.

On State of the League Atlanta estimated the cost to be about $8000. They have somewhere between $0-$8000 left to go, so if you want to help you can tolerate the advertisements from the streams of Atlanta, mandatorycloud, lemongod, Xmithie, and MegaZero (sometimes sub and supporter of Goose) or just donate directly.

v8 and Goose so bad only ONE of them could make it to Kiev

Guard dog Nasus tells these intruders to get the fuck out of his house

I once said that RFLX Gaming was unfairly mocked going into MLG Providence. What I meant by this is that there was this whole attitude that they would be free wins to whoever they got seeded against. RFLX lost four times without winning a game; however none of those games were simple wins for the opponent.

This attitude persists: that if you’re not one of the top elite teams in North America you’re not going to stand a chance. This kind of thinking has its roots in what the tournament scene has been, but I doubt it will be relevant to where the tournament scene is going.

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