MLG Providence: Picks and Bans

A table summary of the picks and bans from MLG Providence after the jump.

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Team SoloMid wins for once, justifies their gaming house

Even the forums started chanting for TSM after that.

It’s funny how some teams can be put in the elite tier without really having won a major event before. Dyrus said sarcastically at the very beginning of the show that Epik is really more of a second place team, and it’s true that Epik hasn’t really won a major competition before, but neither had Team SoloMid. Here were two of the most respected teams from North America and they had never taken 1st in any major tournament.

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Stray Notes for Day 1 of MLG Providence

Sona's response to dying teammates is always to put on a concert (Epik vs. TSM game 2)

– What a day for Westrice. Not that Epik’s teams didn’t help prop him up, but he carried hard in four of the five games with Akali, Vayne, and finally pulling out his Riven in a tournament setting (and it worked pretty well against Skarner).

– There was a large part of me rooting for RFLX, because part of me loves underdogs and another part of me feels like they’ve gotten unfairly mocked and another part of me likes that one of their players uses the IGN prollyracist. Realistically I assumed they would take 4th because they’re still a new team and probably need to work on their synergy, but they are filled with players that look good and they have beaten good teams before.

But they didn’t win a game and are the first team to go home. “Didn’t win a game” is a little too reductionist and binary though as it hides the fact that some of these matches were reportedly very close (they destroyed Dignitas’ nexus turrets in the final game and then had to retreat). Scarra even showed a little respect saying they were definitely one of the top 8 teams in NA in the post-game interview.

So the underdogs lost; underdogs usually do, but I hope this isn’t the last we hear of RFLX.

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Bracket shuffling at MLG Providence

A rough dramatization of how I imagined this went but probably is not how it actually happened at all:

MLG Officials: Alright, let’s make these brackets. Let me look at the qualifiers and just jot down teams in a logical put-them-in-the-seed-they-were-in way:

2. Epik
3. TSM
4. Dignitas

MLG Officials: Woah, woah, RFLX top seed? No, that is just too weird. They only got through because of a disqualification so they don’t deserve any of those spots. What do you mean the concept of “deserving” is a complicated social ideal which can’t be applied in a situation like this? Of course it can be applied, just watch me:

1. Epik
2. TSM
3. Dignitas

MLG Officials: Well, maybe I was being too harsh, lets move them back up. How much? I don’t know, let’s say…one spot because I’m exactly one spot regretful?:

1. Epik
2. TSM
4. Dignitas

MLG Officials: There we go. Now every combination of first rounds has been announced and then revised shortly after. We’re so good at this.

Weekend Events: November 19-20th

MLG Providence

Epik, Team SoloMid, Dignitas, and RFLX will compete for a $30,000 prize pool at MLG Providence. This is three of the top four North American teams and RFLX Gaming, who passed CLG because of roster problems which forced a disqualification.

Time: First two rounds begin 10:00 a.m. EST on Saturday, the final two rounds begin 3:30 p.m. EST on Sunday

Stream: Official streams with shoutcasters

IEM Kiev Final Qualifiers for Europe

Sixteen teams will compete for the European slots at IEM Kiev. Top three advance to Kiev. Fnatic is already out as they did not pass the qualifiers, so what European teams will step up is a somewhat open question.

Time: Rounds begin at 15:00 CET (9:00 a.m. EST) on Saturday

Stream: No official stream, may be streamed by players

Edit (11/17): actually there is is an official stream. ESL’s own3d channel watching the games live.