More team shuffling at Kiev: can’t go, SK Gaming steps in

Counter Logic (formerly mTw Absolute Legends) will not be able to go to Kiev and SK Gaming will be filling their spot.

Supposedly, qualified for Kiev under the mTw Absolute Legends name and mTw got the license to go, so when the Absolute Legends teams switched sponsors they inadvertently forfeited their license. We’ve seen the Absolute Legends team go through many roster changes, two sponsors and like three different names and they still haven’t played in a major tournament. We’re all going to have to wait a little longer now to see the European superstar team play at a big event.

SK Gaming on the other hand are still recovering from the departure of Snoopeh and wickd (who left for weirdly enough) and are going to possibly be rolling out the new roster at Kiev. SK Gaming nearly qualified for the event anyway but got beat out in the final qualifying match by Moscow Five (known at the time as Team Empire).


Absolute team makes a bunch of changes in their team as well

Today was the day that Absolute Legends decided to change up everything on us, as Snoopeh, yellowpete, and Krepo were all announced as joining the team, which leaves only Froggen and wickd left from the original team. And the original team was only formed a month and change ago.

The Absolute team has been in a state of somewhat flux for awhile now after the jungler Kbap was benched. Now it is in a state of more flux as Lyumi and wewillfailer are leaving and three other top European players are being added.

Snoopeh comes to the Absolute Legends team after leaving SK Gaming, which is also where wickd came from. Snoopeh just too susceptible to peer pressure probably.

MoMa leaves SK gaming; unexpectedly does so professionally and for good reasons

After hopping between multiple teams in the past two months MoMa is leaving SK Gaming to focus on finishing his university education. After phantoml0rd, Lapaka, wickd, and MoMa himself all created drama with their recent departures this seems downright dull and reasonable in comparison. Oh well, it can’t all be drama. Good luck to MoMa in his studies.

MoMa now part of Absolute Legends, just kidding, MoMa joins SK gaming

It feels like it was just a few days ago that MoMa seemed to be joining the European Absolute Legends team. Probably because it was just a few days ago. However he’s announced that he is now part of SK Gaming, replacing Wickd who left the team last week. At least MoMa and the Absolute Legends team will always have the memory of those two to three days together. Nothing can take that away.