Curse going to Kiev in Goose’s spot, unofficially confirmed

More news today about IEM Kiev as Rinoa has unofficially confirmed that Team Curse will be going to Kiev. A Picture of a Goose couldn’t go because of their members being unable to make the flight, but at least the spot is going to a similar team. Curse, much like Goose, has the potential to break into the elite tier teams but haven’t quite made it there in the past. Now here’s a good chance for them and an international stage to do it on.


Elementz announces he joined Curse, nothing incredibly unexpected is happening

There were a lot of rumors yesterday about where Elementz was going to play, but, no seriously, it’s Curse.

I have no idea if Aphromoo was trolling or not*, but he told Kararawr when she was still on the NESL twitch channel that Elementz was going to play for Team SoloMid and that there was official confirmation on the forums. There was nothing of the sort on the forums.

* I wouldn’t put it past him

There was sort of official confirmation of Elementz joining Dignitas as their new jungler to “replace Jatt,” but if you believed that wasn’t trolling you’re pretty gullible.

So, nothing crazy is happening. Elementz is part of Curse and appeared to work pretty well with them yesterday as they made it all the way to the finals.

HotShotGG gets away with baron thievery; steals Curse’s thunder as well

*I’ve written a wrap-up over at as well if you didn’t catch the whole tournament

Close games at the tournament level are often decided around dragons and barons. If a game is decided within the first 20 minutes it’s often a decisive slaying of a dragon. If a game is decided after that it’s usually around Baron Nashor.

For the first 25 minutes it seemed as if either Curse or Counter Logic Gaming could take the game. Doublelift was playing Vayne like a true carry, even coming out of a 2v1 with two kills and living. Shaco was trying to assassinate her every fight though and Swain and Rumble were a bursty tanky combo that was putting lots of damage across the CLG team.

In the mid-late game, after picking off a couple of CLG’s players, Curse goes for baron and does 95 percent of the damage before HotshotGG teleports in and steals it with Nidalee. Not even with a spear shot; he just ran in and hit the thing.

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IEM Kiev Qualifier Finals seeding set, very similar to what it would’ve been anyway

After all the double forfeit shenanigans of yesterday the IEM Kiev brackets  have been decided. I don’t know how the admins decided to lay out the teams, but if I had to guess I would say they flipped a coin to see which of the two forfeits they would accept and then just moved on from there, because every team is seeded where they likely would’ve landed anyway.

One of TSM, CLG, coL, and Crs is guaranteed a seat. One of Epik, Dignitas, v8, and Goose is guaranteed a seat. Whoever makes it through the loser’s bracket gets the third seat.

Epik and Curse both try and forfeit to each other; IEM Kiev seedings probably being redone

Two extremely competitive teams are taking the most strategic move to maximize their chance of winning a tournament and money prize. So surprising.

I, and many of you I assume, are spectators and we watch to see exciting matches. Epik and Curse are players, they want to win tournaments. These goals often cross, although sometimes, like right now, they do not.

The NESL admins are supposedly making new seedings now. This will give an unfair advantage to some teams and an unfair disadvantage to others. Some team will likely be screwed over. Other teams might make it to Kiev because of it. This all will have an air of unfairness to it no matter how the NESL admins proceed, like sports often will.

The seeding game; aka the problems that come with having half of your seeding already set

There is something immediately distasteful when teams that are supposed to play to win instead play to lose. The intentional walk in baseball just feels wrong, even when logically and strategically it may be the best option. But it goes against the spirit of competition, which isn’t rational or logical, but a lot of us like the spirit of competition and say screw rationality and logic when it comes to things like that. This is what I was thinking as Epik was about to forfeit in what was probably an attempt to manipulate seeding.

So the situation is this. The first IEM Kiev pre-qualifier the seeding ended up:
1. Team SoloMid
2. v8 E-sports
3. Counter Logic Gaming
4. Goose
Now, v8 and Goose are not easy teams to beat, but if I had to pick a team to face it would probably be one of them as they are definitely not as intimidating or seasoned as TSM or CLG. Epik (and probably Curse and Complexity) agree with that assessment and therein lies the problem.

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