Counter Logic Gaming
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Counter Logic Gaming was the first major League of Legends team in North America. They burst into the scene by taking first in the 2010 World Cyber Games representing North America and have undergone only a couple roster changes since then. They’re the oldest and most veteran team out there and still one of the elite North American teams.

Their favorite strategy, and the one they mastered, is the poke comp. With Nidalee top and other long range attackers like Twisted Fate, Caitlyn or Corki throwing damage spells at the enemy and strong dis-engagers like Trundle they chip away at the opponents health until they are easily to beat in a team-fight.

Active Roster


Possibly the most popular LoL streamer in the world, HotShotGG is known for his streaming of his top lane antics, his raging antics, and his ability to farm a lot. No really, farm and farm and farm.
Position: top lane
Known for playing: Nidalee, Cho’Gath, Galio
own3d livestream, why, nunu, why


Doublelift actually was part of Counter Logic Gaming originally as a support sub, but then he left to be a member of Epik Gamer and left them for Curse and eventually made it back to Counter Logic Gaming. He’s also known as the guy who’s always on State of the League because he lives with Travis.
Position: ad carry
Known for playing: Caitlyn, Vayne, Blitzcrank, Poppy
own3d livestream, twitter, blitzcrank hooks


The former ad carry of the team, now the support. One of the most technically skilled LoL players.
Position: support
own3d livestream

bigfatjiji (aka bigfatlp)

Bigfatjiji was one of the top players in the game during season one. He’s known for bringing multiple smurfs to the top 100 of the ladder during season one. His cats are often hanging around his computer during stream and is known as one of the more chill members of CLG.
Position: ap carry
Known for playing: Twisted Fate
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Most people on CLG like to farm and saintvicious is no exception, taking farm from the jungle as often as he can and some from the lanes whenever he’s by them. Saint replaced Kobe24 as CLG’s jungler after he left.
Position: jungler
the new meta: jungle veigar, twitter

Tournament History

Major Events

World Cyber Games 2010 – 1st
Alienware Extreme PvP – 1st
Newegg Winter Wanfest – 1st
Dreamhack Season 1 Finals – 5th-6th
NESL Premiere League Season 1 Finals – 1st
IEM Cologne – 1st
MLG Raleigh – 1st
IEM Guangzhou – 2nd
IGN Pro League – 3rd
IEM New York – 4th
World Cyber Games 2011 – 3rd*
NESL Premiere League Season 2 Finals – 1st

Go4LoLs (top two finishes)

NESL #19 – 1st

* with a modified all-Canadian roster

Former/Inactive Members


Counter Logic Gaming’s original jungler. Kobe24 left because he wanted to spend more time on school and less committed to playing League of Legends.


When Doublelift was brought back into Counter Logic Gaming, Elementz was benched and Chauster took over the role of support from him. Elementz eventually joined the team that Doublelift left, Curse.


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