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Epik is routinely considered one of the best teams in North America, which is odd because they randomly don’t sign-up for tournaments and don’t actually practice that much compared to other competitive teams. Sometimes it’s money issues and other times it’s commitment issues that prevent them. But when they do sign-up and participate they almost always finish highly.

The strategies Epik run are often very flexible because yhey don’t have a set jungler, top lane, or ad carry and juggle around their players to try to achieve the best fit every game. This can allow them to pull out specialized strategies when needed, like a Heimerdinger mid-lane to shut down Kassadin or Karthus and Soraka bottom to allow for maximum global presence.

Active Roster

Dan Dinh

Became known during the beta for his Heimerdinger play. Also the older brother of Andy “Reginald” Dinh. Both of the Dinh brothers are often call-makers, which is why Dan says he doesn’t like playing on the same team as Reginald, because they’re always going to be fighting over which call is right.
position: jungler
Known for playing: Heimerdinger
own3d archive, twitter


Westrice tends to play assassins with high mobility, like Akali. And he tends to play them very well, which makes him very entertaining when he gets on a roll.
position: top lane/ad carry
Known for playing: Akali, Riven
own3d archive, plays akali every once and a while


The emotionless mono-toned Hawaiian troll. Known for dying to wolves, having birthdays, playing in windowed mode, being in the hospital, and being an oddly creative troll at times (e.g. activating Zhonya’s Ring during a tournament to de-aggro the red he was tanking for a teammate).
position: top lane/ad carry/jungler
Known for playing: Jax, Singed
own3d livestream, twitter, blog, tumblr, falls asleep during stream


Many players are known for being loud and boisterous, but Salce is often the opposite of that, often calm. Probably why he is one of the most consistent mid-laners in the game.
position: ap carry
Known for playing: Vladimir, Kennen
own3d livestream

Nhat Nguyen

After Doublelift left Epik, the team searched for a new support and chose Nhat Nguyen, the third player on the team who’s username is the same as their real name. Also writes a pretty interesting behind the scenes blog.
position: support
own3d livestream, twitter and blog


Sometimes the substitute for the team.
position: sub

Tournament History

Major Events

2011 Dreamhack – 4th
MLG Raleigh – 2nd
IGN Pro League – 2nd
MLG Providence – 2nd

Former/Inactive Members


Was Epik’s support for a short time before leaving for Curse so he could move to ad carry. His time on Epik is mostly remembered for his facecheck at the 2010 Dreamhack tournament which led to his death.


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