Team SoloMid
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Team SoloMid was the second major North American team to emerge and for a long time were the main rivals to Counter Logic Gaming. Like CLG, many of their players became famous quickly and are still well known. In October 2011 they moved into the first LoL gaming house in North America, moving all of their team members to New York state.

They were one of the first teams to start building Wriggle’s Lantern on everyone, partly because it’s a good item against physical and partly for the massive dragon and baron control multiple Wriggle’s gave. Lately SoloMid has really pushed their double wall strategy of using Karthus and Trundle to protect strong carries.

Active Roster

Reginald (aka ReginaId)

One of the most aggressive mid-laners in the game and often known for his boom-or-bust playstyle in tournaments because of it. One of the most versatile ap players in the game and also one of the loudest.
Position: ap carry
Known for playing: LeBlanc, Gragas, Karthus
livestream, be aggressive, bro bro baylife bro


Loves the Wriggle’s Lanterns. It’s pronounced “kay-ox” but a lot of pro players purposefully mis-pronounce it “chow-x.”
Position: ad carry
own3d livestream, twitter, I have a lvl 8 squirtle on my friends list

The Rain Man

A top lane pusher/farmer who became well-known when he used Teemo to get to rank 1 on the solo queue ladder. After his rise he was brought into the SoloMid team. Also another very loud guy. Often has to be sequestered in the gaming house’s garage to contain the noise.
Position: top lane
Known for playing: Teemo
own3d livestream

The Odd One

A support style jungler who often runs around trying to make surprise ganks on his opponents.
Position: jungler
Known for playing: Maokai
own3d livestream, twitter


Supposedly, the actually quiet member of SoloMid. Of course he would be the one playing the support. How typical.
Position: support
own3d archive, twitter

Tournament History

Major Events

ESL Major Series VIII – 2nd
IEM Cologne – 2nd
2011 Dreamhack – 3rd
NESL Premiere League Season 1 Finals – 3rd
Newegg Summer Wanfest – 2nd
CSN Dawn of Champions Tournament – 9th-16th
MLG Providence – 1st
NESL Premiere League Season 2 Finals – 3rd

Go4LoLs (top 2 finishes)

NESL #1 – 1st
NESL #3 – 2nd
NESL #4 – 2nd
March 2011 Finals – 1st
NESL #5 – 1st
NESL #6 – 1st
NESL #8 – 1st
April 2011 Finals – 1st
NESL #12 – 1st
May 2011 Finals – 1st

Former/Inactive Members



A well-known HoN player who came over to LoL but then left LoL and went back to HoN. Became famous for riding Maokai (who no one was using at the time) to the top of the solo queue ladder.


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