LoL General Discussion forums are clearly a reliable source of information




A rumor posted on General Discussion was just a rumor! Audible gasp!

The more plausible current rumor is that I Will Dominate is Dignitas’ new jungler. Only time and official announcements will tell, mostly the official announcements actually.

Haunting Guise and Doran’s Ring: a comparison with math and stuff (aka why Haunting Guise is not good)

Haunting Guise is an item that almost no one gets. It’s the one that looks like a clown mask if you don’t remember.

It's this one; this is the item I'm talking about

I could just say no one uses and therefore it’s clearly bad, but that would be lazy analysis and is in general a bad method of judging viability. Eve was branded as the worst character in the game until people realized her strengths and she became an instant ban. Then Riot nerfed her back into the worst character in the game. It’s been a wild ride for Eve fans. Anyway, the point is common sense is sometimes wrong so when a random team in the WCG decided to buy a Haunting Guise I decided to take an actual analytical look instead of relying on the given principles of the LoL community.

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Twelve major NA circuit events before the end of season two?

12 just for the North American circuit!

This is all according to the stars talking on State of the League last night, but they did seem in the know, so take that for what’s it worth. If the end of season two is in August that makes for about one and a half major circuit events a month. So that’s pretty good and crazy if true. Keep in mind that many of the large tournaments that we’ve had up till now have always had a bunch of rounds of qualifiers first. Some of these new circuit events might be invitation only, but still, that’s a good amount of e-sports.

Scumbag Jatt can’t add extra hours to day, leaves Dignitas due to other commitments

Jatt, Dignitas’ jungler, steps down from the team because he has too many other real-life commitments to handle.

Rock Solid only became the elite team we know today after the addition of Jatt. Before that they were good, but never great. Was that just coincidental timing or were Jatt’s calls, leadership, and jungling ability really that good? Nobody knows! But it will be interesting to see how Dignitas does from here on out.

I don’t know if Jatt is still competing in IEM Kiev or not, but Kiev is only a month away. Due to the season 2 circuit rules they probably won’t be able to use a substitute from an established team (Goose is in a similar situation because mandatorycloud isn’t able to go). So…good luck in finding a top-level jungler who isn’t with a top-level team in a month. (update edit: from State of the League talk it appears Jatt isn’t competing and they are indeed looking for a replacement.)

When Elementz said Jatt was leaving Dignitas maybe he wasn’t trolling, about that one part at least. Or maybe he’s an incredibly accidental prophet.

Absolute team makes a bunch of changes in their team as well

Today was the day that Absolute Legends decided to change up everything on us, as Snoopeh, yellowpete, and Krepo were all announced as joining the team, which leaves only Froggen and wickd left from the original team. And the original team was only formed a month and change ago.

The Absolute team has been in a state of somewhat flux for awhile now after the jungler Kbap was benched. Now it is in a state of more flux as Lyumi and wewillfailer are leaving and three other top European players are being added.

Snoopeh comes to the Absolute Legends team after leaving SK Gaming, which is also where wickd came from. Snoopeh just too susceptible to peer pressure probably.

Counter Logic Gaming and Absolute Legends combine their powers

One of the biggest North American communities and one of the biggest European communities are merging to create one super organization.

Now leads you to the Absolute Legends website.

Also, Absolute Legends unmerged with mTw a little while ago. All these e-Sports companies are so transitory and ephemeral.